Blades and Modules

AZP Blades/Modules

Blade/Module Description
AN2-B-CPU-01 CPU Blade for system management
AN2-B-SW-01 Switching Blade for sRIO (Serial Rapid I/O)
AN2-M-PPC-01 GbE Interface for MAC layer dump logging
AN2-B-BB-01 Baseband Blade for Uu PHY processing up to 420 UEs
AN2-B-BB-02 Baseband Blade for Uu PHY processing up to 1,000 UEs
AN2-B-DT8-01-001 DSP Array Blade for UE-SIM protocol processing
AN2-B-DT7-01-001 DSP Array Blade for S1/X2-SIM/EPC-SIM protocol processing
AN2-B-CR-01 Carrier Blade
AN2-M-DSP-01 AMC DSP Module for UE-SIM and S1/X2-SIM protocol processing
AN2-R-IQ-01 I/Q Interface Rear Transmission Module
AN2-R-CPRI-01 CPRI Interface Rear Transmission Module

Figure 1 :  Baseband Blade (AN2-B-BB-02)

Figure 2 :  DSP Array Blade (AN2-B-DT7-01-001) New

Figure 3 :  Switch Blade (AN2-B-SW-01)

Figure 4 :  CPU Blade (AN2-B-CPU-01)

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