Artiza LTE eNB Test Solutions


LTE’s radio interface testing methodology has been developed along with the specifications for LTE network implementation, yet a de facto way of evaluating the whole LTE eNB system does not exist as of today. There are testing standards in 3GPP that are focused on separated elements (layers) of User Equipment (UE) and eNB, as listed below. However, specification of integrated methodology for the system evaluation has not been established, so the NEMs and operators are evaluating their equipment as a system with their own methodology from the experiences in legacy mobile development.

  • TS 36.101 User Equipment (UE) radio transmission and reception
  • TS 36.104 Base Station (BS) radio transmission and reception
  • TS 36.133 E-UTRA Requirements for support of radio resource management
  • TS 36.141 Base Station (BS) conformance testing
  • TS 36.211 Physical channels and modulation
  • TS 36.212 Multiplexing and channel coding
  • TS 36.213 Physical layer procedures
  • TS 36.214 Physical layer - Measurements
  • TS 36.321 Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol specification

In today’s advanced wireless technology, a single evaluation method for separate basic functionalities is inadequate. The industry needs a new approach to evaluate the comprehensive performances of the eNB, which carries out the most complicated functionality in E-UTRAN. As matter of fact, eNB comprises the largest number of network nodes in the LTE system, and the biggest capital expenditure is invested to deploying the eNB. At Artiza Networks, we propose “LTE eNB Evaluation Methodology,” setting the new standard of system evaluation for the LTE eNB. Artiza LTE eNB Tester is a complete test suite including C-plane test to evaluate radio resource management, U-plane QoS test, C-U combined test, NAS testing, and various types of system evaluation. As the first trial in the industry, Artiza has developed a comprehensive methodology for operators’ and manufacturers’ QA team to overcome a big challenge of effective evaluation of LTE eNB ever.